Payment Options

Part of helping your business succeed is ensuring that how we engage with you commercially is best suited to what you need. You have several options available to you, listed below, subject to a review of the proposed assignment and mutual agreement. Where it makes sense, we can also combine different payment options. As an added benefit to you, we also accept most major credit cards, making procurement and payment easy for you (and those award points!).

Engagement terms can be flexible to support your preferences and needs


Having nearly two decades of experience providing the types of services Mayfair Ranch provides around the world, our management will estimate the costs involved with delivering what our clients need and offer a fixed price inclusive of all expenses.

This keeps the contract simple for our clients, reducing administrative burdens and enabling them to more accurately forecast their costs. It also alleviates the complexities of scenarios where our management advisors may be traveling to several jobs in the same week, complicating travel expense allocation.


If fixed price, flat fees for delivery of specific piece of work if not the best fit for a client, we also offer the option to have a rolling monthly bill which is charged based on time spent (on an hourly or day rate) plus any direct expenses such as materials or travel costs.

This works well for our clients who require considerable ad-hoc support, want “on call” availability and do not have identifiable timelines or milestones for the type of work they want us to do for them.


In certain cases, we consider agreeing to a success-based fee where we would withhold an agreed portion of the fee until an agreed objective was met with the client.

An example would supporting our client prepare for a major proposal and presentation, where an agreed percentage of our fee would only be paid to us if our client was awarded the contract from their customer.

Contingency fees are generally at higher rates than our standard fees.


Some businesses may not be able to afford our services for cash flow purposes, but their growth prospects are interesting to our management team and shareholders. In such cases Mayfair Ranch and or members of its team may elect to preform work for an agreed upon equity stake in the client, rather than having a transactional fee-based relationship.

This method works particularly well for small start-ups or small-medium companies who are in a cash crunch or undergoing a formal turn-around initiative (led either internally or through an external party).