Are you a services firm that either periodically needs experienced, expert management advisors in competitive effectiveness and business transformation as a part of jobs for your clients? Or do you see the need for this with your clients and would like to earn a finder’s fee for helping them get the support they need?

Having good relationships with other providers who help their clients in their relative area of expertise is important to us. We are always happy to help support other firms to deliver specific expertise to their clients which are capabilities the firms may not have internally. Likewise, we always want to know more about your offerings, so we can be looking out for opportunities to bring you into our clients when they need your expertise

Consulting Firms

Do you need a contracted specialist in competitive strategy, sales force effectiveness or negotiations management as part of an assignment for one of your clients?

We can subcontract to you and work under your engagement to help you bring that expertise to your client, so you won’t lose an engagement you want because you don’t have the right depth on your team.

Legal, Accounting and Consulting Firms

Do your clients need strategy, sales and negotiations help? Do they need to improve their revenue generation capability? Is there a business cultural issue that is limiting your client’s success?

We are happy to partner with you and help your client, subcontract with you, or pay you an agreed referral fee, generally a percentage of fees we receive from your referral, for assignments where you have provided the introduction to the opportunity.

Sales Training Businesses

Are you a sales, pricing or negotiations training business needing additional trainers on an ad-hoc basis?

We have supported other sales training companies in different countries, who are using their methodologies with their clients and need additional, highly experienced resources to support them.

In such cases our people will operate under your brand and we can agree non-compete terms, etc.