Where we add value

Our clients usually call us to fix a problem with their sales/profitability and competitive effectiveness, when their overall business or competitive strategy needs rethinking, or there is a major opportunity or threat where the business (or executive) wants our help to understand the issues, discuss practical options and to get the best outcome for them.  We have particular expertise in supporting professional services firms, where people are the product, and partnerships with complex management/equity structures and in helping start-ups focus on growth.

Improving sales & profitability

Developing the right strategy, mindset, skills and capabilities to maximize your competitive position, customer experience and enterprise value

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Alignment for growth

Alignment of your structure, people, processes, products and technology to all focus on delivering the strategy most effectively and efficiently

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Shaping your platform

Creating an achievable vision and strategy you can communicate to your people and customers in a clear, compelling story

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Building the enterprise

Turning an idea into a commercial offering and taking it to market. Putting the right pieces in place

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