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How long has Mayfair Ranch been helping clients?

As a firm, Mayfair Ranch began in London in 2012, but the team has been doing this sort of work as professionals working in management in the types of businesses to whom we now consult for their entire careers (usually 10-20+ years, depending upon the team member).

Where are your lists of client references?

The work we do is very confidential. Many of the businesses or individual executives who use Mayfair Ranch do not want their customers, competitors or sometimes even their peers to know they are using us.

Someone once referred to our organizational performance-enhancing capabilities as being like a rather famous little blue pill – “… if your are good it makes you great; if you need help it makes you good – either way it’s a huge boost to confidence and performance, and gives you a competitive advantage, but you don’t want to tell your friends you use it!” We’ll take that as a compliment.

We make our clients look good and want them to be seen as the ones who had the ideas and developed the capability themselves. Sure it would be nice to take more credit ourselves, but our role is to support our clients and we know that their success is our success.

For the past two years our business has come entirely from referrals from clients and/or people who know our work. As the team has grown and we have increased our capacity to help more clients, we established our web site and began marketing our services more broadly.

Why is the firm called Mayfair Ranch?

We get that question frequently! Many people just refer to us as “Advisors Dot Management”, and hence the web site domain address.

The first office was setup on Grosvenor Street, in the heart of Mayfair in London. When Whit Pepper decided to leave a big firm and move from Sydney to London to start a new type of consulting firm, he wanted to take elements of the Australian spirit, refined British style and the flare of the Texan wild west. That fusion is seen in the firm’s logo (the coat of arms).

When opening the office on the other side of the Atlantic in 2014, in Texas, some people initially thought we were in the cattle business… now if we could only get an agricultural exemption from the tax office!

The Mayfair Ranch team is all over the world, as are your clients, so how do you effectively service clients of all sizes anywhere in the world?

We all live near major international airports that have either nonstop or one-stop flights to just about every major city in the world. We can be just about anywhere within 24 hours.

Our technology infrastructure enables us to have a productive dialogue and sharing of information with our clients in a time-efficient and cost-effect way. For conference calls or private conversations, we typically give our clients local telephone numbers so they do not need to make international calls. We also create audio and video files that our clients can download and keep on their computer or mobile device. So we are there for them even when we may be physically further away.

You all are involved with companies that are early stage start-ups, where you take an equity stake in the business in lieu of fees – how does that work?

Often times we will see a business opportunity where we see value in the idea, the market and the team. If we determine that what is missing is good management and direction and we can add value to its growth, then we may get involved to help them put the business together, build their case for funding (if needed) and go to market.

We look for high-growth industries with high profit margins, low barriers to entry and where there is room for a new player with a better idea, better marketing or cost advantage. This has led members of our team to back companies in nutrition, technology and cosmetics.

We also focus heavily on the capability and values of the business and its founders. If we don’t believe we have shared values and/or the founders are incapable of executing an effective strategy and running the business well… then we do no participate. It is a highly selective process as helping start-ups comes at a significant opportunity cost for us.

Our partners and team members sign on to these ventures as individuals, and the firm itself is not a shareholder, as it simplifies tax compliance across the various countries.