Videos, Podcasts & Cases

There is no substitute for being face-to-face with our clients, and that is why all of us at Mayfair Ranch are seasoned global travelers. However, practicality often requires us providing effective “just-in-time” support at a moment’s notice, or for just a few minutes of time that will make a huge difference in helping our clients perform most effectively when they have to handle a situation. Cost, time and logistics often do not feasibly permit a face-to-face meeting all the time.

To help and support our clients in a way that is memorable, accessible and (we hope!)  enjoyable , we publish video and audio presentations on a range of specific topics that are most relevant to our clients.

Often times these are very client-specific training aids, explanations or pieces of advice on a specific matter that are produced and made available only for that client. Other times we produce insights on issues our clients facing more broadly, how we help them manage and create great results from their circumstance, or information about our services.

Our clients have found that our technology has enabled them to feel as though we are there with them helping them prepare for a customer/client meeting, presentation or pitch even we may physically be half-way around the world.

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