Creating High Performance Services Firms

In most of the services clients we work with, the fundamental underlying problem they have that is constraining their growth potential, ironically, is not their competitors or their clients – but rather their own internal processes, mindset and behaviors that do not benefit their clients, their people or their balance sheet.

Personal values and self-interest (incentives in the form of rewards and consequences) typically drive behavior – that is human nature. Ironically, the majority of services firms do not have a “people strategy” that is aligned to delivering the desired organizational objectives (usually improved shareholder value through revenue growth and profitability).

Some of the nicest people can be driven to exhibit the worst behaviors in services firms, particularly in firms where the strategy is based upon collaboration, but people are measured and rewarded (or punished) against individual performance.

Mayfair Ranch helps the senior firm management and leadership assess and understand the opportunity for improvement in their business, and the steps it will take to get there. We help you develop your vision, strategy and plan in a way that will enable you to clearly and effectively communicate the firm’s direction to your people – and their roles in the process – in a way that engages them.

We assist you in aligning your structure, people, processes and technology to deliver the objective – from analysis of what is required, designing what is needed, and through to implementing and embedding the change in your firm so that it will continue to flourish under your management after we have completed our assignment.