Sales Transformation

Training is not Transformation.

Frameworks, reference materials and training classes are not sufficient to drive transformation that is sustainable. Without the right mindset, the organisation will not attain its potential. Many organizations are focused on behaviors, which is good, but that is not enough. The underlying beliefs held by your own staff may be limiting your potential and hurting your profits.

Examples of areas we help develop our clients’ mindsets and skills sets:

Understanding value from the perspective of the customer, then aligning (and articulating) products and service offerings around what will create the most value for them, based on their perception of value — not yours.

Identifying what your customers want from you, and then putting in place deliberate steps in your customer service activities to maximise how you create value for them at defined key points of impact to ensure that how you sell, deliver and support customers maximizes the opportunity to build stronger relationships and brand loyalty… and remembering that customer service begins at the first point of contact and builds with every interaction… and that the experience you create for your customers is as important as what you deliver.

Formulating pricing strategies and articulating price based on value to the customer, not on internal costs, and why using the term “discount” is always a bad idea, no matter how intense the competition!

Being comfortable saying “No” to clients, and knowing how to in way that actually strengthens then relationship and improves the client or customer’s perception of your value.

Lowering the cost of sale by being more selective in the work you pursue and focusing on being the most competitive player in your target market can make a significant impact quickly.

Effectively managing investments in customer relationships during periods where when customers just aren’t buying can significantly improve your chances of becoming the chosen provider then they starting buying products/services again – without you giving away margins in the interim.

Incentives, rewards and consequences are frequently too focused on individual performance, while the success of the organizational strategy is contingent upon a culture and operating rhythm of teamwork and collaboration. We help you find the right balance in your business and align the two.