Sales Training for Professional Services

Engineering, Legal, Finacial Services,  and Accounting firms

At Mayfair Ranch, we understand and appreciate that businesses where people are the product are different, and require different approaches – particularly when management owns the business and the leadership is elected or appointed by the equity holders working within the business and subject to processes and training.

Your time is valuable, and we use short and simple, scenario-based skills workshops with practical techniques to maximise the relevance and ability to quickly implement what we show you how to do… and minimize your time away from your clients.

How your people learn, and how they relate insights, ideas and frameworks we provide them is as important as what they learn.  We provide your team with tools and techniques that are easy and enjoyable to learn, and use in their roles, which help engage them in the processes and integrate the right mindset and behaviors into how your people work.

We help you understand options around reshaping how the business could operate to create significantly greater enterprise value and employee engagement to help you create and embed efficient and lasting performance improvement in your team and across your business.

The most significant barriers to success we see in many businesses, especially professional services firms and partnerships, are:

  • too much administrative “stuff”, and not enough time for people to do their jobs
  • inadequate commercial skills-development of management and staff
  • and behaviors that reduce the organization’s effectiveness and potential.

Most people in professional services are consumed by internal, process-driven activities which take away from their profit-producing time, many of these activities are mandatory for compliance reasons, and some often just feel like more process for the sake of process, which all take your people away from their primary focus of generating work and delivering services for which the firm is paid, and upon which their performance is measured and they are compensated.

So participating in internal meetings, process or compliance tasks is often frustrating for management and staff, and even resented by them as being a distraction away from their clients and all the chargeable work they need to sell or deliver.

Understandably, traditional training often feels like “more stuff” or “useless admin” to them. They’d probably prefer to be getting client work done rather than any internal meetings.

The problem is that a total focus on delivery inevitably can lead to work drying up if there is not some focus on continuous improvement around the way the business wins and retains the right work with the right clients at the right margins… and the skill levels and effectiveness at winning work and negotiating good margins in these firms generally has room for improvement – and at the very least needs a more consistent in their approach and sharing of information within the firm.

​Your best technical people, and even many of your most experienced partners, probably never got much training in client development, or so called “soft skills”, and the hard-edge skills necessary to develop and grow the most profitable client relationships.

Often times a newly promoted manager has had no formal training or exposure to the necessary client development skills they will need in their new role, and then once being promoted to manager, is expected to win new work, achieve their required profitability and utilization targets, manage a client, manage a P&L and lead a team.  While some may be naturally good at it, they are often not able to replicate that to those around them, which continues to widen the skills gap.

​Mayfair Ranch can quickly help you get your people equipped with the mindset and skill set they need to become more client value focused and make your firm more competitive in the market.

In most of the services clients we work with, the fundamental underlying problem they have that is constraining their growth potential, ironically, is not their competitors or their clients – but rather their own internal processes, mindset and behaviors that do not benefit their clients, their people or their balance sheet.

Personal values and self-interest (incentives in the form of rewards and consequences) typically drive behavior – that is human nature. Ironically, the majority of services firms do not have a “people strategy” that is aligned to delivering the desired organizational objectives (usually improved shareholder value through revenue growth and profitability).

Some of the nicest people can be driven to exhibit the worst behaviors in services firms, particularly in firms where the strategy is based upon collaboration, but people are measured and rewarded (or punished) against individual performance.

Mayfair Ranch helps the senior firm management and leadership assess and understand the opportunity for improvement in their business, and the steps it will take to get there. We help you develop your vision, strategy and plan in a way that will enable you to clearly and effectively communicate the firm’s direction to your people – and their roles in the process – in a way that engages them.

We assist you in aligning your structure, people, processes and technology to deliver the objective – from analysis of what is required, designing what is needed, and through to implementing and embedding the change in your firm so that it will continue to flourish under your management after we have completed our assignment.