Client Development, Sales & Marketing Leaders in Services Firms

At Mayfair Ranch, we understand how to help marketing and business development leaders in professional services firms create more value from their teams, and a develop a better brand internally within the organization and for the firm in the market.

Demonstrating value is a top priority for business development or marketing functions in professional services firms – value to the firm’s clients, value to its people and most importantly – commercial value added to the firm as a business.

We believe firms should not invest people, money or time where there is no clear purpose and value aligned to the firm’s priorities and market growth strategy.

We help you actively challenge the real value any proposed initiatives will deliver through putting in place simple protocols that address fundamental questions firms need to be asking before investing in marketing or PR initiatives, such as:

  • Why are we doing this – what is the purpose and desired outcome?
  • How will it deliver the firm’s agreed objectives and strategic priorities?
  • How much will this cost in cash costs?
  • How much will this cost in time/opportunity costs?
  • What is the intended return on investment? How will we measure it?
  • Is it a better return on investment than simply investing the time in having a meaningful conversation with the client, rather than creating more internal collateral or messaging with which to inundate them with yet more “stuff” in their already busy lives?
  • Is the proposed channel the best way to accomplish the objective, or could the firm do this using another medium/technology which may be more efficient to capture the content and distribute it to the right audience with more impact?

We show you how to let the process become the authority to which all are accountable, removing politics from the equation as best as possible in a partnership – and can help you make that happen and be a lot easier than it sounds.