Skills Development Sessions (Overview)

The team at Mayfair Ranch has helped businesses around the world focus and prioritize their efforts and align their people and resources to drive organizational growth and profitability.

A key component of our transformation process is a series of short, practical and highly interactive capability-enablement sessions on building a competitive mindset and skillset. We focus these around specific, relevant areas where your people are having challenges showing value, winning work or achieving desired profit margins.

Before jumping into solutions, we will ask you a number of choreographed questions to help draw out the highest-priority capability-development issues, and skills-areas needing the most attention first, through a process where people feel comfortable sharing, discussing their needs and are more supportive of embracing new ideas.

The techniques we use are designed to uncover beliefs and behaviors that may need to be reshaped in order to create a solid foundation upon which to create high-performance and provide some early quick-wins to the business, with things attendees can take away from the session and apply immediately in their roles – so it creates instant value for them individually, and helps your company holistically, without overwhelming your people with too much information in one sitting.

The insights and frameworks we work through can help your team quickly understand key concepts and develop new skills, such as:

  • understanding value from your buyer’s perspective;
  • identifying the perception of your organization and yourself you want others to believe;
  • preparing for and managing client or customer interactions to make the best impression;
  • how to show greater value and differentiate yourself in the mind of your buyer;
  • how to make pricing simple and more value-focused, without discounting;
  • how to have confidence negotiating and avoid the trap of giving away value for free;
  • how to say “no”, and actually improve your relationship with your customer;
  • how to get meaningful client or customer feedback, and how to use it to your advantage.

The take-away will be a collection of relevant insights, the implications those issues have on your company, and their impact on you… as well as equipping and enabling you with new thinking, skills and capabilities to address the challenges you have, your strengths and your development areas, and how to leverage your opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Our experience has been that even those who are skeptical about whether mindset or behavior can be taught, and people who do not believe in personal development, come away with a stronger desire to participate, learn more and improve their skills.

That provides leadership with a demand-driven opportunity to develop the capabilities of their people. It becomes a shared objective that people want to achieve, rather than feeling as though they are having “training” forced upon them.

This creates a much more-willing environment to embed the organization’s vision, strategy and plan — people understand the objective, why change is necessary, and – importantly – their own roles in helping deliver the strategy to achieve a vision they believe in.

We have found that introducing the Mayfair Ranch basic skills frameworks and simple protocols in these short sessions helps our clients become more effective and more efficient at building better customer or client relationships, and winning in the market more quickly.

This reduces direct capital-costs as well as precious opportunity-costs. Our clients should expect to see significant improvements in behaviors, activities and progress on major opportunities and accounts soon after they begin working with us — leading to increased revenue and profitability.

Creating a distinguished customer experience, which differentiates and strengthens your brand will be as much on the minds of your people during the sales phase as it is during and after delivery.