Our core services

Go-to-Market Effectiveness

Mayfair Ranch helps clients improve their business through helping companies understand the most important issues affecting their growth and profitability potential, and taking the right actions to increase their ability to compete and succeed.

We assist and support clients in the complete end-to-end cycle from developing their vision, strategy and plan, through to implementing the solution and embedding the change in their organization. We can do as much, or as little, of the process as our clients want.

Every client is different, with different circumstances and needs, and our approach provides a consistent, and flexible, means for tailoring the right solution for each client at an organizational and individual level.

How we help:
Go-to-Market Design
Strategy, structure, people, processes and tools

  • Facilitation
  • Management workshops
  • Individual executive coaching
  • Analysis, design and creation (or repair!)
  • Business transformation planning, communication and implementation support

Real-time tactical support and coaching

  • Opportunity management: Pursuing and positioning to win real contracts, bids, tenders, and proposals
  • Pitch preparation: Creating the most impact with your pitch
  • Account management: Targeting key accounts to create opportunities
  • Contract retention: Not losing existing customers or jobs to competitors
  • Contract negotiation: Getting the best terms prior before, during and after (scope changes) the sale is made
  • Saying “No” to customers in a way that increases your value and strengthens your relationship

Skills Development
Structured training modules, group sessions

  • Commercial mindset (from technical focus to value focus)
  • Personal/organizational brand and customer experience
  • Understanding what decision makers value, creating the most positive impact and influencing the outcomes you want
  • Value-focused scoping, pricing and negotiating
  • Creating value-driven propositions with a compelling story
  • Building and leading a high-performance sales function
  • Business Leadership: alignment of strategy with incentives and motivation, including rewards and consequences, to drive desired behaviors

Executive Coaching
Individual, personal management support

  • Stake-holder management
  • Your personal brand
  • Creating personal impact
  • Influencing others
  • Fighting battles internally‚Äč
  • Comfort and confidence leading strategy, marketing and sales
  • Running effective meetings (including pipeline and bid management)
  • Leadership and Management